Enrichment FWD is a unique organization that provides children, teenagers and young adults with access and support to a better education.

Millions of children around the world struggle with being able to afford a good education. Enrichment FWD provides financial support, tools and resources to children throughout the globe to help them access a better education for themselves.

Focusing on teenagers and young adults up-to and including college, Enrichment FWD gives young men and women the support and confidence to improve their future with a better and more rounded education.

We believe that a good education is a right and not a privilege. Millions of children throughout the world are lacking a basic education due to economic hardship, lack of basic educational resources, and an unstable and nourishing family environment.
What we do:
  • Provide underprivileged children throughout the world with financial resources for an education
  • Give children the emotional support, counseling and therapy to assist their emotional well being and success
  • Give children mentors and role models they may be lacking in their lives
  • Purchase books and other resources to help children and young adults in their educational pursuits
  • Counsel and guide children and young adults in their path to achieve their educational goals
  • Help college students afford their tuition
  • Provide career guidance and job hunting skills and connections for college students and young adults